Endeavoring to promote collaborative research for the process from new business development to social implementation

Tokyo Institute of Technology established the Open Innovation Platform as an organization that manages joint research in earnest. The Organization will promote large-scale collaborative research centered on a collaborative research center system that promotes joint research from a new business development to social implementation in close cooperation with industry. All members of the organization will work vigorously to meet the expectations of the companies. Thank you for your cooperation and support.

Osamu Watanabe
Open Innovation Platform, Tokyo Institute of TechnologyOsamu Watanabe

Corporate needs and Tokyo Tech's resources for maximizing collaborative research results

The Open Innovation Platform was established as an organization that supports industry-academia collaboration activities between organizations. We will make every effort to maximize the results of joint research by accurately grasping the needs of companies and making the most of our resources. We dedicate to work for every issue so that we would like to become a reliable partner in the research and development of your company.

Yoichi Oshima
Associate Director / General Creative Manager
Open Innovation Platform, Tokyo Institute of TechnologyYoichi Oshima